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TCO Talks: Risky Activities to Avoid Right Now

Before you climb a ladder, ride your motorcycle or let your children jump on a…

April 22, 2020

5 Ways to Manage Osteoarthritis

As the most common type of arthritis worldwide, osteoarthritis will not be taking a break…

April 20, 2020

TCO Talks: Broken Wrists: Putting the Pieces Together

From slips and falls, to crashes and sports, a broken wrist can happen in the…

April 17, 2020

Common Overuse Injuries of the Foot and Ankle

There has been a silver lining to the cloud of COVID-19 and the social distancing…

April 16, 2020

TCO Talks: Orthopedics Around the Globe

He’s practiced orthopedics all over the world, and the stories will amaze you. Dr. Jozef…

April 15, 2020

Meniscus Root Tears on the Rise

Meniscus root tears have become increasingly recognized as a source of knee problems over the…

April 13, 2020

TCO Talks: The Common Arthritis That Might Surprise You

About 25% of women will develop this arthritis after 50, yet you rarely hear about…

April 10, 2020

Get Active (Not Hurt) While Social Distancing

Hello to all of you out there who are doing their best to socially isolate…

April 9, 2020

TCO Talks: Virtual Care in Orthopedics

Dr. Greg Lervick joins our first TCO Talks episode to explain how virtual medicine works…

April 7, 2020

6 TCO physicians named Mpls.St.Paul Magazine Top Doctors: Rising Stars

Congratulations to the six Twin Cities Orthopedics physicians named to Mpls.St.Paul Magazine’s 2020 Top Doctors:…

April 6, 2020

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