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Protecting Young Arms: Baseball + Softball

If you have a young baseball or softball player returning to action this summer, this…

July 22, 2020

Hip Replacement Gives Hockey Legend Tom Chorske His Life Back

Tom Chorske is a hockey legend in Minnesota. But his championship career also left him…

July 15, 2020

4 Simple Tips to Avoid Back Pain

Dealing with back pain is tough, but these 4 tips to avoid it are easy.…

July 12, 2020

TCO Foundation: What’s New in 2020

The TCO Foundation is proud to support local organizations whose missions promote healthy, active lifestyles…

July 10, 2020

TCO Talks: Ultrasound in Orthopedics

Safe. Painless. No radiation. Musculoskeletal ultrasound has been a game-changer for orthopedics. Using images and…

July 6, 2020

TCO Talks: Surgeon’s Guide to Rotator Cuffs

Rotator cuff injuries aren’t exclusive to baseball and tennis players. From slips and falls, to…

June 26, 2020


Wrist Injury Won’t Slow Seth Down: Trusted Care | Safety First

A neighborhood game of street hockey left 11-year-old Seth with a wrist injury. His parents…

June 25, 2020

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Trusted Care, Waconia Approved: Real Patients Share Their Stories

Our Waconia Story is all thanks to you.  The reason we opened up an orthopedic…

June 9, 2020

Join us June 24th for breathe | MOVE | be

Take 30 minutes for yourself…you deserve it. Fitness coach JC Lippold is leading a FREE…

June 8, 2020

TCO Talks: Knee Injuries 101

Knee pain can mean a lot of things, so when should you get it checked…

June 7, 2020

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