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As the largest orthopedic physician group in the Midwest, and one of the largest in the country, you are sure to find a clinic that best meets your needs.

June 5, 2024

Ian B.

This past March I won the High School Olympic Weightlifting State Championship for the 67kg weight class. I had a final snatch of 68 kg and clean jerk of 91kg. I was able to come out on top with all of my hard work. I had only been cleared for sports four months prior, so this is a real testament to what you can do when you put your mind to it. I also dove back into ultimate frisbee and have easily become a vital player on the field with my speed and agility. I’d like to thank Dr. Johnson for giving me the opportunity to make these great things happen after my knee surgeries.

Ian B
Ian B

April 26, 2024

Valerie N.

After a knee replacement and knee revision surgery a few years ago, my range of motion was not good and not what it should be. I was referred to Dr. Nessler by another orthopedic surgeon. He was very clear as to what approach he would take and this gave me confidence to go ahead with surgery in January. I am pleased with my range of motion now and would highly recommend Dr. Nessler for any consultation on your joint problems.

April 22, 2024

Terry V.

Dr. Wetter and his team were awesome with the replacement of both of my knees. I had a great experience with their care and attention. I would highly recommend them to help anyone who has knee pain.

April 16, 2024

Jill C.

I’m 61 years old and I hesitated getting the much needed surgery because my other doctor retired. Words can’t begin to describe how great I feel after Dr. Bircher took care of me. The surgery was a huge success! At 8 weeks I graduated PT, and I’m bending and straightening my knee in ways I haven’t for a decade. I’m going straight up and down steps, not sideways, and I can garden again! Dr. Bircher has a great sense of humor and very caring. He told me I wouldn’t like him the first week after surgery, but it was only on day three where I felt that. I’m not going to lie, that day wasn’t fun. I have recommended him to friends. My right knee will be in his hands in the future. I highly recommend him!

April 9, 2024

Deana D.

I suffered from severe knee pain, which significantly impacted my quality of life. Dr. Bircher performed total knee replacement surgery, which allowed me to regain my ability to climb stairs, exercise, and do my usual chores. Before the surgery, I researched Dr. Bircher and discovered that he had received his training at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, where he became their chief resident. Then, following his residency, he took an orthopedic fellowship with the Cleveland Clinic. With such impressive credentials, I felt confident entrusting him to perform my knee replacement surgery. I was so impressed by his compassionate, warm manner. He made me feel well cared for. At just over three months post-surgery, I look forward to gardening again. Thank you, Dr. Bircher.

April 2, 2024

Barb S.

For over two years, the pain in my right knee grew to where it limited a lot of my activities. It was especially painful walking and going up and down the stairs. Dr. Lewis and his PA, Libby, helped decrease the pain with steroid injections. When that no longer helped, we decided I needed a knee replacement. At the end of January, I went to TCO Chaska. In every step of the process I was treated with respect and kindness. Everything that was going to happen was thoroughly explained. I was confident in my surgeon and his team. I trusted them completely. Surgery was a complete success. I was up walking and had physical therapy the day of surgery.

I’m walking around the lakes with my friends and enjoying every step. My knee feels stronger than it has in years. The best part is there’s no pain. Thank you, Dr. Lewis and Libby, for giving me my active pain free life back. I highly recommend Dr. Lewis. Life is so much more enjoyable when you aren’t in pain.

March 25, 2024


Approximately 90-95% of knee replacements are successful in that they relieve knee pain. I was in the 5-10% that experienced pain that was worse than it had been pre-surgery. Every time I sat down or got up from a chair or toilet it hurt. Every step up or step down on a staircase hurt. For two years after surgery I was in pain. Then I was referred to Dr. Bloom. He performed a genicular nerve ablation on my knee. It was like a switch had been flipped. I got up and there was NO pain. It has now been a couple of years since the ablation and the nerves have grown back somewhat but the pain is nowhere near the level it was pre-ablation. I am both incredibly grateful to Dr. Bloom and dismayed that my original surgeon (not a TCO surgeon) did not refer me to someone who does this type of procedure, despite my repeated visits complaining of pain. Thank you!

March 21, 2024

Kevin L.

My whole experience could not have been any better; from the reception staff at TCO Waconia to the surgery team and nursing staff at Two Twelve Surgery Center, and my two physical therapists (who are fabulous). And of course, thank you to Dr. Christopher Meyer. TCO is the only facility that I recommend for a knee replacement. Thanks to everyone at TCO!

March 20, 2024


I had an amazing experience with the EXCEL Program. Steph, EXCEL RN Coordinator’s, initial phone call was caring and considerate. She arranged for an orientation to see the recovery suites with Leah Zimmerman, EXCEL Program Director, and we were so relieved and pleased. Leah was so gracious, open to answering every concern and question, and so delightfully reassuring. I also attended the pre-surgery education class. The class was so helpful and important to attend.

After my knee replacement surgery, I was taken to my room. Lauren and Caryn, my Registered Nurses, were delightful, joyful, and skilled in every way. They were personable and answered any question I had. I felt encouraged and amazed at how much I could do already, with expert coaching and support. It was such a pleasure and relief to see Dr. Scott Anseth after my procedure. He described what he did for my knee and that I should not be surprised by the bruising. I enjoyed how he demonstrated the importance of being able to straighten my leg and bend my knee when I am ready. I was so reassured that I made the right decision and that I was in the best hands for care.

My recovery continued at home with check-ins. Any “speed bump” I encountered was met with acceptance, compassion, and effective problem solving. The reception desk folks at physical therapy were always cheerful, helpful and respectful. Shoutout to all my therapists for those pre-operative exercises. Heidi, Sarah, and Jordan, were significant in my recovery.

I continue to feel so grateful for this opportunity to enhance my quality of life with a new knee. Every detail was covered every step of the way with a multitude of skills and talents, along with personal care and concern for me. Thank you, TCO!

Martha Photo

Martha Photo

March 18, 2024

Beth J.

I had a complete knee replacement on my left knee in December 2022. From the very first meeting I had Dr. Michael Nemanich, I knew I was in the right place and in good hands at TCO. He made me feel so confident about the surgery and reassured me that everything would come out perfectly as planned. The surgery was a complete success and my knee works so well. He was so professional, kind, caring and really listened to my concerns because I have other underlying health issues. He made me feel so excited about having my new knee. I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome. My knee works exactly like it did when I was younger and I can now get back to what I love doing because of him. Thank you, Dr. Nemanich for taking such great care of me. You are amazing at what you do. You will be doing my right leg in the next year or two, to work your magic again! I would also like to thank your office team and surgical team for doing such a fantastic job. They all made everything goes so smoothly and so easy for me.

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As the largest orthopedic physician group in the Midwest, and one of the largest in the country, you are sure to find a clinic that best meets your needs.

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