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As the largest orthopedic physician group in the Midwest, and one of the largest in the country, you are sure to find a clinic that best meets your needs.

December 9, 2023

Mary M.

My previous knee replacement (with another doctor) not only failed, but also damaged my tibia and twisted my leg. It was necessary to place a rod in my leg and repair my femur and tibia to hold the new replacement. My recovery has been faster and less painful than either of my previous knee replacements. I credit Dr. Bircher‘s skill for making my recovery so swift.

December 8, 2023

Vincent C.

Dr. Saterbak performed bilateral knee replacements in 2016. Thanks to her skill, the quality of my life has been amazing. I am now 76 years old and I am still very active. I have been on numerous scuba diving trips and adventure travels. These have included a trip to the Amazon, the Galápagos Islands and an African Safari. Recently I participated in indoor rock climbing. I’m sure none of these adventures would have been possible without the benefit of her skill as a surgeon. Thank you Dr. Saterbak!

November 18, 2023

Susan T.

It is obvious to me why I have seen so many amazing and positive reviews of Dr. Meyer on numerous sites throughout Minnesota. Nearly two years since my knee replacement, I feel 20 years younger. I cannot say enough about the entire experience with Dr. Meyer, his team, and the Ridgeview staff. I highly recommend Dr. Meyer.

November 16, 2023

Renee P.

Dr. Leafblad recently did surgery on my knee for a meniscus repair. But he didn’t do that surgery without first thoroughly helping me research and understand all that was happening in my knee joint. Then we could make the best decision for my hoped for outcome. It was very reassuring to find someone that truly listened to me and my concerns. Dr. Leafblad was someone that partnered with me to find the best path for me, which has not been my experience at other medical organizations. I would HIGHLY recommend him!

November 16, 2023

Doug H.

I kicked the can down the road until encountering Dr. Michalik. No one knew what to do about the excruciating knee/leg pain following a knee replacement, and likely a compressed nerve that orthopedic surgeons didn’t care to deal with. As a retired registered nurse with 50 years of experience, I am acutely aware of physicians having confidence and competence in their learned and acquired skills, especially neurological distribution and functions. Dr. Michalik checked all of my boxes and adapted all available technology to work his magic for near instantaneous cessation of my life. He stopped my pain through the rare combination of knowledge, creativity, and human compassion that carries through to his wonderful staff who share the same qualities. Give them your complete confidence for resolution of your back and limb pain.

November 14, 2023

Roxann P.

Dr. Knowlan and his team are nothing short of amazing. My hips and knees were bone on bone and several friends recommended him to me. Normally these procedures would take 4 years, replacing one per year. I didn’t want to deal with it that long, and Dr. Knowlan did all four procedures within a 9 month period. I’m now able to do things I haven’t been able to do for years, like going up and down stairs, crossing my legs, sitting cross legged, and putting on my socks by myself. These things are no big deal to the average person, but a very big deal to someone who can’t do them. I don’t need my scooter or walker anymore. I couldn’t be happier with the results. The team at Eagan Orthopedic Surgery Center and the EXCEL Care Suites were also amazing. I felt like I was treated like royalty. I would do this again in a heartbeat, though I wouldn’t recommend doing the surgeries so close together. I’ve dealt with chronic pain most of my life since I have scoliosis, so the recovery pain wasn’t that big of a deal for me.

November 14, 2023

Sheila C.

I have always heard of doctors like Dr. Williamson, but never experienced it. He is an amazing doctor and I was just blessed by his service. He is so mindful and took care of me with compassion. Dr. Williamson was aware of how distraught I was when I first met him. He was patient and considerate, and assured me I would be okay. This was my second time having knee surgery. The first time, (different doctor, different knee) my recovery and everything was a complete nightmare. I did not want another surgery and I hoped that I wouldn’t have to. Dr. Williamson was fabulous from start to finish, encouraging me and letting me know everything he was going to do. He even drew pictures to show me in detail. My experience this time was amazing, as amazing as a surgery can get. I am so thankful and blessed that Dr. Tyler Williamson was the doctor that I was able to see.

November 13, 2023

Sandra C.

I have been with Dr. Lewis and his PA, Libby since 2014 when I broke both of my legs. They did an awesome job of taking care of me, considering I have sever osteoporosis! Over the years, my legs gradually got very bent and I walked with a bad limp until I needed a total knee replacement on both knees. Now I have very straight legs and I’m not walking with a limp! Thank you both for doing an excellent job at taking care of me. Dr. Lewis and Libby are the #1 doctor and PA in my book!

November 8, 2023

Tom O.

From the very first time after knee replacement surgery, Victoria (Tori) was very professional, skilled, attentive, diligent, focused, and highly communicative for my recovery. I am no longer in need of physical therapy since her assistance has made my healing progress at a rate I did not expect (I am 79 years old). She answered all of my questions and was very helpful during my therapy/recovery process. I am most grateful for her very caring and comforting approach. It made my apprehension a minimal issue in recovery. I want to thank Tori for her assistance and professional approach.

November 8, 2023

Norma V.

Dr. Schmiesing did my surgical knee replacement. Of course, I had some trepidation about the procedure and the recovery. It was a much easier surgery than I expected and the after-care is wonderful. Being 5 weeks out, I feel I am progressing quite well. I would highly recommend Dr. Schmiesing for any type of surgical procedure and if I need future orthopedic procedure I would definitely have him do it for me.

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As the largest orthopedic physician group in the Midwest, and one of the largest in the country, you are sure to find a clinic that best meets your needs.

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