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As the largest orthopedic physician group in the Midwest, and one of the largest in the country, you are sure to find a clinic that best meets your needs.

August 21, 2023

Malcolm C.

Dr. Bircher did revision surgery on May 25, 2023. He replaced a previous total knee replacement. He was thorough in his explanation of the procedure and the inherent risks. The surgery went well and the results border on miraculous. In 6 weeks I was climbing stairs with only minor difficulty and driving. In 8 weeks I was back to work and resuming most normal activities. Thank you Dr. Bircher.

August 21, 2023


I cannot begin to express my gratitude for Dr. Ridley’s support and knowledge throughout this process. When I tore my ACL, I was devastated and I figured my collegiate hockey career was over. But I can’t thank you and your team enough for turning that around. TCO, and Dr. Ridley was so helpful in getting me back on the ice. Everyone genuinely cared for my recovery and always answered any questions or issues I had. Thank you!

August 15, 2023

Rick J.

I ruptured my quadricep tendon a year ago. It tore right off the knee cap and one week later, Dr. Kelly surgically repaired it. With plenty of physical therapy, and one year later, I am back to normal. I am running, playing tennis, paddle boarding etc. It’s wonderful! I am completely 100% satisfied.

August 10, 2023

Kaelyn N.

When I first tore my ACL while Nordic skiing, I was scared I would never run as fast again. The thought of missing my sophomore track season and my junior cross country season scared me, but my perspective changed when I came to TCO.

My family chose TCO because of its good reputation for getting athletes back from injury, and I am super glad we made that decision. Dr. TJ Ridley and my physical therapists, Lee Burtraw, DPT, Beth Kadrlik, DPT, and Kate Cayton, DPT, helped me return to cross country faster than I ever imagined. My PTs gave me different challenging exercises each week which was fun and kept me active throughout my recovery process.

By the end of the cross country season, I was faster than ever due to my newfound strength from PT. I achieved a personal record at the cross country state meet and even qualified for state in Nordic skiing and track for the first time!

Huge shout out to Dr. Ridley for doing such a great job on my surgery and helping me through the recovery process. All the TCO staff I interacted with inspired me to look into being a physical therapist or a sports physician! If anyone has torn their ACL or has any other injury, I highly recommend TCO for a great overall experience.

Kaelyn Nelson


August 6, 2023

Susan M.

Dr. Bircher is the best! I’d been fighting a knee replacement for years. When I met him in November, I knew my knee was pretty bad. We talked about knee replacement but he could tell I wasn’t ready. He told me I would know when I was ready. That reality hit me in February of this year. I couldn’t have asked for better results after the surgery. I was accepted into the TCO EXCEL Program, which I strongly suggest you try if you are able to. The nursing staff was exceptional at the hospital right after surgery as were the nurses at the Recovery Suites. The EXCEL nurse coordinator kept in contact with me to make sure all was well. Everyone involved was great.

Before I had my surgery, I told Dr. Bircher all I wanted was to be able to come back and tell him that I wish I had done the surgery sooner. I was happy to oblige! I am now scheduled for a total knee replacement on my other knee. I know not all surgeries have the same results but I am counting on Dr. Birchers skill to pull it out! Dr. Bircher always made sure he answered all my questions and spent as much time with me as I needed to feel comfortable. He is concerned, compassionate and very skilled. That is not something you find in too many doctors/surgeons these days. I look forward to a normal life again!

August 2, 2023

Marnette H.

Dr. Bircher performed a full knee replacement in April and upon completion of 12 weeks of physical therapy at TCO Brooklyn Park, I’m back to working out at my health club and enjoying my life again without knee pain. The staff at TCO are totally amazing in working with patients to obtain the necessary range of motion in our recovery.

August 1, 2023

Kari J.

Dr. Saterbak is one of the best doctors I have seen. I would recommend her to anyone that needs a shoulder or knee replacement. She is very understanding and has time to talk and listen about your aches and pains. She comes up with a treatment plan and is very good at it. 5 stars all the way!

July 28, 2023

Kevin S.

I had my second knee replacement with Dr. Anseth in April 2022. I’m golfing better than ever and pounding the cobblestones as long as the rest of my body can handle it. I never think of my knees anymore, which pained me for 20 some years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for learning and preforming such important work!

July 25, 2023

John A.

I was suffering with a swollen leg and agonizing pain for one full year until I met Dr. Bircher and his entire care team at TCO. I was seeing another physician and he thought everything was going okay and that it could take a full year to see progress.

I went to see Dr. Bircher and he took an X-ray of my knee. He saw right away what the issue was and assured me that he could help me. He arranged my surgery in less than one month. Two weeks after surgery I was feeling better with no pain. Now, three months later, I can jog around with no pain or swelling. I feel so much better now.

I was so depressed before seeing Dr. Bircher and his staff. I can teach Martial Arts again. I fully trust Dr. Bircher and I wish he could have helped with my previous orthopedic issues.

July 25, 2023

Nina C.

My experience with everyone at TCO, Dr. Bircher, Cassie, and the physical therapy team at TCO Woodbury was exceptional. My questions and concerns were answered promptly. I feel like I had a lot of support with my recovery. I would recommend anyone to see Dr. Bircher because my experience was excellent.

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As the largest orthopedic physician group in the Midwest, and one of the largest in the country, you are sure to find a clinic that best meets your needs.

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