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As the largest orthopedic physician group in the Midwest, and one of the largest in the country, you are sure to find a clinic that best meets your needs.

August 23, 2022

Karen A.

I had a left knee replacement 3 months ago and am now walking 1.5 miles daily! Prior to surgery, I could barely walk 2 miles in one week with the pain I had. I did my exercises as much as could before surgery and definitely did the exercises after surgery. Physical therapy is a must. It’s not an easy surgery and takes time to heal. I thank Dr. Mair and TCO for their excellent care before and after surgery! I highly recommend them!

August 23, 2022

Mark J.

Dr. LaPrade and team are the best!

I am a 66-year-old athlete and have been active in multiple sports my whole life. I still compete in rigorous, endurance Mountain Bike Cycling events. Dr. LaPrade repaired a “complete tear of my posterior meniscal root” in August of 2021. I am happy to report that I am 100% back to aggressively participating in Cycling Endurance events.

When I was finally diagnosed with the complete root tear via an MRI after months of waiting for an appointment with an Ortho surgeon, I was told by the local surgeons here in New Mexico that I could have a “trim” or a “knee replacement” and that my knee problem was classified as a “devastating injury”. I could not find a surgeon in New Mexico who could do the type of complex knee surgery Dr. LaPrade offers. So, I sent my MRI to Dr. LaPrade’s office and they offered to see me. I flew to Minnesota and Dr. LaPrade and staff said they could repair the damage in my knee, and I should be able to return to my athletic passions after recovery and Physical Therapy.

Honestly, I never expected the high level of care I received from Dr. LaPrade’s team and Twin Cities Orthopedics. After surgery, I spent 3 weeks working with Dr. LaPrade’s Physical Therapy team and returned to Minnesota after 8 weeks to get my walk and gait on track with PT appointments. Then I returned two more times for regular check-ups and Trac testing. I am immeasurably grateful for what this astounding team did for me.

Dr. LaPrade has assembled a group of extraordinarily talented individuals for Physical Therapy and basic wellbeing. I’d like to especially mention Amanda, the clinical assistant, who seems to have put the whole process together. The physical therapy staff who took special care of me with PT for the first few weeks after surgery. Chris, the physician assistant, answered all our questions with patience and grace. And of course, Dr. LaPrade and his special talents whom obviously excels at his craft and helped me to keep walking around, with the original knee equipment that I was born with intact.

Needless to state, I highly recommend Dr. LaPrade and staff at Twin Cities Orthopedics for your orthopedic needs.

August 18, 2022

Megan A.

I’m the 2020 Junior World Champion Barefoot Waterskier and on the UMD Alpine Ski Team. I tore my ACL alpine skiing in January 2022 and had ACL surgery in March 2022. My dad knew of Dr. Saterbak from her impressive alpine skiing days and from friends that have gone to her for skiing injuries. So, when I tore my ACL alpine skiing, we immediately went to Dr. Saterbak because I trusted her to help me get back to alpine skiing and barefoot waterskiing. Dr. Saterbak performed my surgery and did an amazing job! I did physical therapy through TCO and Training HAUS to get my motion and strength back. Four months post-surgery I was cleared to barefoot waterski, thanks to Dr. Saterbak. Throughout July and August 2022, I continued to barefoot waterski and kept gaining my strength and confidence back in my knee. Now going into winter, Dr. Saterbak is working with me to get back on the snow in December so I can return to alpine skiing for my college team. I couldn’t be happier with my recovery so far and I’m excited to get back to skiing this winter. Big thanks to Dr. Saterbak at TCO and Dan Tabalba at Training HAUS.


August 16, 2022

Patricia K.

I was seen by Dr. Hofkens on an emergency basis due to swelling and inflammation of my right knee. He immediately sent me to the ER at a hospital for further testing and followed-up with the Orthopedic Surgeon on call. His interest, knowledge and concern for my care was instantly apparent. Dr. Hofkens’ “bedside manner” is outstanding! He explained everything in detail, so it was easily understood and during the ultrasound and aspiration procedures, he continually asked if I was in any pain or discomfort. He also followed through to make sure I had been contacted by the on-call staff. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need!

August 16, 2022

Patricia K.

Dr. Hofkens saw me on an emergency basis in early June 2022. I am so grateful for his care and concern to my needs. I had no idea how serious my situation was until after the emergency surgery. I’m now two months into my recovery and am totally mobile again, due to his diligence and knowledge. If needed in the future, I won’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Hofkens or TCO to others. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

August 13, 2022

Cat Y.

When living in Florida, I play tennis daily. I was “diving” for a drop shot from the base line and went down HARD on my left knee. Of course, I kept playing and didn’t realize I had hurt it so badly until I tried to hit a backhand, and the next morning, falling into the wall. I was DEVASTATED. As a retired lady, tennis is my life. It may sound ridiculous, but it is! I play here in MN and in Florida on “green clay” har-tru courts, and I like to play every day. I went to an emergency ortho in Florida and the MRI showed a full PCL tear. I started researching and found ONE surgeon in the country with expertise in PCL tears. After reading several of his published articles I saw a little note indicating he was moving to TCO a month after my injury! I was thrilled. I have been following Dr. LaPrade since then. Because he knew my only goal was to get back on the tennis court, after some meniscus repair, I was put into a brace that HE INVENTED specifically for the PCL tear. Four months later I was playing daily WITH the brace. Thank you Dr. LaPrade!

August 10, 2022

Evelyn D.

Dr. Horazdovsky performed a complicated surgery on my knee and leg area because of an accident. Not only did he solve the problem from the accident, he was able to solve the problem I had with my knee before the surgery. I now walk pain free. Thank You! before the surgery. I now walk pain free. Thank You!

August 10, 2022

Jennifer S.

I am so OVER THE MOON happy with my knee surgery! I’m 5 weeks post-op and I’m doing great!! Dr. Lewis and Libby Witchger, his physician assistant, are so great to work with! They prepared me for this surgery by having me go to pre-op physical therapy and that was a GREAT DECISION! Dr. Lewis is a great surgeon and my results are crazy good! I would highly recommend Dr. Lewis and TCO! I couldn’t be happier!! Thank you, Dr. Lewis, for giving me my life back!

August 9, 2022


Dr. Lewis is the absolute best as far as I am concerned. I could not walk without a lot of pain in my knee. After Dr. Lewis did my knee replacement, I have no pain at all. I’m 79 years old. My surgery, physical therapy, and after care was the best. I trust Dr. Lewis and his whole team completely.

August 9, 2022

Emily P.

We had an incredible experience with Dr. Ockuly. My daughter had a rare and freak injury at the age of 11 that required surgery. Dr. Ockuly and his team were amazing at keeping us informed on the timeline and what the surgery required, as well as the necessary aftercare. It is an emotional experience having your child go through surgery. I could not have asked for a better experience or more talented surgeon. Though I hope we never face this path again, I would not hesitate for a moment to work with Dr. Ockuly again. My daughter is healing and WALKING again thanks to him and his team. I could never thank him enough!

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As the largest orthopedic physician group in the Midwest, and one of the largest in the country, you are sure to find a clinic that best meets your needs.

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