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As the largest orthopedic physician group in the Midwest, and one of the largest in the country, you are sure to find a clinic that best meets your needs.

February 22, 2022

Ella S.

In October of my senior year of high school, I tore my meniscus while dancing. An MRI showed that I would need surgery if I wanted to continue dancing. I went into surgery without knowing if they would repair my meniscus or perform a meniscectomy. My surgeon decided a meniscectomy would be best after seeing how damaged my meniscus was. This surgery would have a shorter recovery process than if they had tried to repair my meniscus, and so I had high hopes of being back to dance within a few months.

Physical therapy began right away and I was placed in the best possible hands at Training HAUS with Braidy Solie and Megin Sabo John. Braidy helped me get back on my feet after surgery, and then Megin began the physical therapy to get me back to dancing. I had difficulty with my range of motion, which added more time onto my recovery, but with every session Megin helped me improve. After I got past my limited range of motion, I was able to begin working on dance related therapy. We started focusing more on ballet technique and barre work.

Megin always kept my main goal in mind while planning our sessions, which was getting me back to dance. She even helped me walk through each of my dances and would find exercises to help me with my choreography. If it wasn’t for Megin and everyone at Training HAUS, I wouldn’t have been able to compete in my first dance competition in February, which I am forever grateful for.

February 22, 2022

Shannon H.

In a worker’s compenstation (WC) injury, I tore my ACL and had a meniscus tear in my left knee. I was referred to Dr. Jeff Mair and TCO. I could not be happier with the experience and care that I received from him and the TCO staff. All my pre and post-surgery appointments have been very well conducted. Dr. Mair and the staff were always very friendly and had a wonderful bedside manner. They also worked very efficiently with my WC provider for my appointments and surgery. When it was time for surgery, they were very organized and I was able to get in very quickly for surgery once it was approved by WC. The day of surgery went very smoothly for me, as the patient, and for my husband as my caregiver.

I had a great team of nurses before, during, and after surgery. They were very informative and had great bedside manner as well. Recovery has been great too. I had an ACL repair surgery about 20 years prior on my right knee (not at TCO), due to a high school sports injury. The current recovery on my left knee has been wonderful and easier than the last, all due to Dr. Mair and the TCO staff! I have had a wonderful experience with TCO staff and Dr. Mair. I hope that I would not need another orthopedic surgery in the future, but if I do I will surely be coming back to Dr. Mair and TCO.

February 9, 2022

Cadyn H.

I dislocated my left knee cap twice, my right knee cap once, and broke my wrist and collarbone in the span of 3.5 years, injuries which have threatened my hockey career. My second knee cap dislocation happened shortly after my first so I was referred to Dr. TJ Ridley at TCO. Dr. Ridley laid out my options in a way that I could easily understand. He didn’t pressure me and gave me time to make a decision that would work best for me.

I chose to have a medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) reconstruction. Dr. Ridley performed the surgery, and it went very well. His care team made sure that I was taken care of throughout the process. I knew what to expect and what I needed to do to recover as soon as possible.

During my recovery, Dr. Ridley referred me to Justin Nicol, a Sports Physical Therapist at TCO Vadnais Heights Therapy & Performance, who helps hockey players return to the ice. Justin had me on the ice for physical therapy and was instrumental in getting me back to playing games sooner than I expected. I loved the ACE – Hockey program and would recommend it to anyone. Big thanks to Dr. Ridley and Justin!

Cadyn H.

January 29, 2022

Kathy P.

5 years ago I had bi-lateral knee replacement surgery done by Dr. Kruse, and the surgeries were 3 months apart. The surgeries went well and my recuperation went well too. I’m using those repaired knees pain-free now, as I recuperate from recent heart bypass surgery. As I do rehab for my heart, I am once again realizing that my knees are able to do the necessary walking and biking motion without any stiffness or pain thanks to Dr. Kruse and my knee surgeries. He is a great surgeon, patient focused and motivated me to use my new knees. I would highly recommend him to care for others.

January 13, 2022

Michelle D.

My husband was “laid out flat” while wrestling his younger brother and I heard a pop. His knee was sore, but he didn’t have any true pain, and so he ignored it for the time being. Weeks later while trying to get into his truck, his knee buckled, taking him to the ground. At that point he knew it wasn’t something he could ignore anymore.

Insert Dr. Hess. Dr. Hess was professional, relatable, understanding and open-minded. He gave many options beyond surgery and explained exactly what was going on with my husband’s knee. His ACL tore completely off the bone but stayed completely intact. This would be a more unique surgery and one was one that was done less often.

Dr. Hess did an outstanding job and 2 years later, my husband feels great. He was given very clear and reasonable expectations regarding rehab and how his knee would come out of the surgery. My husband feels that those expectations were met and exceeded. It’s easy to say that, should a doctor or surgeon be needed in our family, we will look to Dr. Ryan Hess first. Thank you for being not only an amazing surgeon, but an overall kind and compassionate human being. It did not go unnoticed.

December 28, 2021

Jennifer S.

I am not usually one to write a testimonial. However in this case, the care, professionalism, knowledge, and empathy I received from Dr. Bjerke and his staff was truly and utterly amazing! I suffered a knee injury while playing pickleball and saw a physician at an orthopedic clinic that was not TCO. I was told after a review of my MRI, that my knee was “bone on bone” and I needed a full replacement. I am in my late 40’s and have been active my entire life. I was completely shocked by this diagnosis. Upon reiterating this information to a few close friends, I was told by one to reach out to Dr. Anseth at TCO for a second opinion. I did so and to say I was impressed and relieved is an understatement. Dr. Anseth was truly amazing and assured me he would not give up until we figured out the reason for the knee pain I was dealing with.

We started with a cortisone injection and I felt great, unfortunately it was short lived as my knee “gave out” again a few weeks later while walking. I went to TCO Edina Urgent Care and a second MRI was performed. Dr. Anseth called me personally and told me the MRI showed a root tear in my meniscus and that this was a specialized tear and he wanted me to see Dr. Bjerke as soon as possible for further treatment. I immediately made an appointment to see Dr. Bjerke and I can honestly say it was the best decision ever! Dr. Bjerke thoroughly explained the tear, along with his recommendation for surgery.

Dr. Bjerke performed the surgery in June 2021 and I was non-weight bearing for 6 weeks (6 very long weeks but it was well worth it in the end). From the time I first met with Dr. Bjerke, through surgery, and all of my follow up appointments, he has ALWAYS been completely transparent. He was clear about the process, the time frame, the importance of putting in the work with physical therapy, as well as following the PT exercises on my own.

I am 6 months post-surgery and my knee feels amazing! My physical therapists, Dustin S. and Katie G., at TCO Vadnais Heights are the BEST! I could not have done this without them. Their professionalism, encouragement, and positivity was second to none and I am forever grateful to them. With every single encounter I had at TCO, I was treated with the utmost professionalism and genuine compassion – from Dr. Anseth and his care team, to the TCO Urgent Care team, to Dr. Bjerke and his amazing care team, to every single professional on the day of my surgery at TCO, and Dustin S. and Katie G. at TCO Vadnais Heights PT. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Bjerke (and Dr. Anseth) as well as their amazing care teams/surgical teams/and physical therapist teams!

December 22, 2021

Emily M.

Thanks to Brian Ishola and the Training HAUS team, I have experienced the best of the best treatment during my ACL recovery. They have been with me every step of the way. My family and I feel lucky to have access to their many services. My customized workout plan pushes me and makes me feel confident about my return to lacrosse and volleyball!

December 22, 2021

Ava B.

I would like to thank Christian, Nicole, and the staff that have worked with me through my ACL recovery at Twin Cities Orthopedics. It has been a little more than nine months since my surgery, and I am excited to say that I can start light practices ahead of schedule for soccer. I could not have done this without their help and the ACE strength program. They have helped me gain strength back in my right leg and have gotten me through this recovery better than anyone else could have. They kept me motivated and pushed me to my full potential throughout my whole recovery, physically and mentally. I feel much more confident returning back to my sport (soccer) being a part of the ACE strength program with Christian and Nicole as my physical therapists.

December 21, 2021


I could not be happier or have enough good things to say about the care, concern, and time that Dr. Hunt provided leading up to my surgery and afterwards. The entire EXCEL Program experience was top notch from beginning to end. The entire team was fantastic every step of the way. The best part is that I have a whole new knee and physical therapy is going great. I would highly recommend Dr. Hunt, his team, and the entire EXCEL Program. They make it effortless with everything packaged together!

November 23, 2021

Robert W.

I am a retired general surgeon and have known Dr. Hunt for 25 years. We practiced together at his previous organization and when my knee needed replacement, there was no question who I would see. Not only is he an expert surgeon, he is a caring, down to earth man who never takes his role in the patient-doctor relationship for granted. My surgery went smoothly and I am completely recovered. I can’t recommend him enough.

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As the largest orthopedic physician group in the Midwest, and one of the largest in the country, you are sure to find a clinic that best meets your needs.

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