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As the largest orthopedic physician group in the Midwest, and one of the largest in the country, you are sure to find a clinic that best meets your needs.

March 6, 2021

Dianne W.

I felt totally secure with Dr. Koch and the amazing team at TCO. She explained everything in detail and got me in as soon as possible. When I left a message with her team about an issue, she called me within a short time and addressed my issue. I would not hesitate recommending Dr. Koch to anyone. I am so pleased with my experience!

November 29, 2020

Rick K.

Over the past three years I have been under the care of Dr. Bakker for a problematic right wrist. The initial solution recommended was a series of cortisone injections, over several years. However, that solution finally failed and it was time to consider surgery. I did seek a second opinion, as I had a recommendation from another physician I knew. The other doctor’s recommended course of action was the same, but he did not have the calming bedside manner of Dr. Bakker, nor did he convey the confidence that came from Dr. Bakker during my pre-surgery visitation.

Most importantly, Dr. Bakker placed me in the care of the highly competent physical therapists on my post surgery follow up office visit. The two women that who work with his patients are a key to his patience’s recovery success. I saw them both and, believe me, they represent TCO very well.

I considered this operation very seriously as I am a very avid golfer. A couple of years ago, I play almost 60 rounds here in Minnesota. Although it still March and we not on the golf course yet I can recommend Dr. Bakker to anyone experiencing serious wrist and hand pain. I believe he is a tribute to the orthopedic profession and a healer to his patients.

November 23, 2020

Gary W.

I have had Dupuytren’s contracture for quite a while and decided it was time to take care of it. After Dr. McCarthy explained the procedure, I said “let’s do it, it’s time.” I came in on a Tuesday, she injected my finger, and I returned on Thursday for manipulation. Both went very smoothly with very minimal pain in either procedure. I had a splint immediately after manipulation and some swelling, but still, very little pain. After one week, my finger was straight! Dr. McCarthy made the whole process go very well. I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long. I would highly recommend her to anyone suffering from Dupuytren’s contracture.

gary westman dr mccarthy

November 20, 2020

Laurie G.

After two failed attempts to fix my thumb, I feel that Dr. Bakker actually listened to me. I truthfully didn’t care what he did because I had researched his qualifications and I felt so comfortable with his decisions, I just wanted to be out of pain and not deal with this left thumb pain anymore! He did exactly what needed to be done. I knew right out of surgery what he did worked because that pain in the pad of my thumb was gone! I’m happy, excited to move forward in my activities (as therapy allows) and stay out of pain!

Also, the staff is so friendly! They call out ‘hello’ when I walk in or ‘thanks, bye now’ when I leave! I love it! I am somebody at TCO!

November 19, 2020

Ted D.

Dr. McCarthy was informative and with her knowledge and great skill, my hand is back to working and looking normal. From one meeting on a tele-med-call to manipulation and splinting, her and the staff have been top notch and second to none. I would encourage anyone to reach out and use the services at TCO. This one one of the best choices I’ve made.

October 22, 2020

Joann M.

As a “senior” I expect detailed information and a thorough explanation regarding surgical and medical procedures, and with my recent carpal tunnel/trigger finger I am happy to report that both verbal and written information before and after surgery was helpful and supportive. There was no wait time and cleanliness and safety was very evident from Dr. Gesensway and all of the staff involved with the surgery. I made a post-op phone call which was returned immediately. The pain management recommendations and plan was extremely useful without narcotic meds. With a right hand involved and size of the bandage/cast, I was not completely prepared for using my left hand for eating, dressing, meal preparation or hair washing and needed a little help. Not much dish washing or house work was done with my left hand since I live alone. I was happy to drive myself, rest when needed and slept well through the night. I also had an excuse to buy a few clothes to fit over the bandage/cast to make dressing easier. My adult, grown daughter warned me to have a post-op plan, and I did.

October 19, 2020

John L.

My family loves Dr. Koch. With all of the hand concerns and ailments we have had Dr. Koch and her staff are patient and caring and provide excellent care. I would recommend her to anyone.

September 29, 2020

Elizabeth R.

Dr. Cooper and his staff were very helpful and certainly eased the anxiety my daughter had over her hurt wrist. He offered a couple options and suggested the best given the injury, her age and level of activity.

August 20, 2020

Sue A.

I first saw Dr. Norgard in 2012 after a motorcycle accident where I received multiple injuries including a fractured hand. Over the years I have continue to see him for multiple reasons which has included consultations and multiple surgeries. I have been diagnosed with arthritis in both hands and Dr. Norgard treated both hands. He has followed and provided care on and off over the last few years and when the time came I trusted him to do a total knee replacement. He is extremely thorough and discussed all options with me. He took his time and was very thorough. He has also great respect in the decisions that I did make after his consultations. In addition to his medical expertise, Dr. Norgard is very kind and has a gentle manner to him. Not only will I continue to see him, I have recommended him to my family members.

August 13, 2020

Matthew M.

Dr. Gesensway and his team gave me the feeling that they cared about my minor injury. I had a piece of fiberglass from a shovel handle stuck in my thumb at a bad angle. Dr. Gesensway gladly removed it with a smile. Then sewed me up and sent me home for a week and I’m on my way to a great recovery. I am glad to say thanks to him and his team for giving the caring factor.

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As the largest orthopedic physician group in the Midwest, and one of the largest in the country, you are sure to find a clinic that best meets your needs.

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