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Jeffrey F. Klassen, MD, MEd

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Orthopedic Surgery, Board Certified Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Fellowship at Mayo Clinic

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Areas of Focus

Pediatric Care
Shoulder & Elbow Care
Sports Medicine
Knee Care

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Practice Overview

Jeffrey F. Klassen, MD, MEd, is a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon, who specializes in shoulder, elbow, and knee injuries and conditions of all age groups. Procedures Dr. Klassen’s practice involves treatment shoulder arthroscopy, shoulder instability surgery, rotator cuff repair/reconstruction, total and reverse total shoulder replacement, sports and trauma related elbow ligamentous and reconstructive surgery, elbow arthroscopy, management of the stiff elbow, and total elbow arthroplasty. Dr. Klassen also treats knee injuries including meniscal and chondral injuries, patellar injury, quadriceps and patellar tendon repair, and total knee arthroplasty.

Clinical Interest

Shoulder Care, Specializing in Ligament, Tendon, Cartilage and Traumatic Injuries, Arthritic Conditions of the Shoulder; Surgical Management including Instability Procedures, Labral Tears, Primary and Revision Rotator Cuff Repair; Reconstruction of Failed Rotator Cuff Procedures, Primary and Revision Total shoulder and Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty

Elbow Care, of All Age Specializing in Nerve, Ligament, Tendon, Cartilage and Traumatic Injuries, Arthritic Conditions; Treatment including Trauma, Osteochondritis Dissecans, Ligamentous Reconstructions including Tommy John Procedure, Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, Bicep/Tricep Tendon Injuries, Management of the Stiff Elbow, Treatment of the Arthritic Elbow including Total Elbow Arthroplasty and Revision Arthroplasty

Knee Care, including Treatment of Meniscal Injuries, Patellar Injuries, Quadriceps and Patellar Tendon Repair and Total Knee Arthroplasty

Wrist Care, including All Fractures including Distal Radius Fractures, Arthritis, Tendon and Ligament Injuries

Hand Care, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Trigger Fingers, Treatment of Arthritis and All Fractures

Fracture Care, including All Fractures of Shoulders, Clavicle, Humerus, Elbow, Forearm, Wrist and Hand

Pediatric Care, including All Ages, All Fractures Specializing in Shoulder and Elbow Care

Sports Medicine, Treatment of Sports Injuries of the Upper Extremity including AC joint and Clavicle, Arthroscopic Shoulder Instability, Labral Repair and Rotator Cuff Related Injuries; Treatment of Sports Injuries to the Elbow, Wrist and Hand


Board Certified, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

Shoulder & Elbow Surgery Fellowship, Mayo Clinic School of Medicine

Mayo Clinic School of Medicine

Medical Degree
University of Minnesota School of Medicine

Hospital & Surgery Center Affiliations

Crosstown Surgery Center
Fairview Ridges
Fairview Southdale Hospital

Professional Affiliations

American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, Member (1998 – Present)
Physician/Administrative Dyads: Essentia Health Systems, Instructor (2008 – 2019)
Chairman, Section of Orthopedic Surgery, Essentia Health Duluth Clinic, Duluth, MN (2007 – 2012)
Chief, Section of Orthopedic Surgery, Essentia Health St. Mary’s Medical Center, Duluth, MN (2007 – 2012)
Chief, Section of Orthopedic Surgery, Miller Dwan Hospital, Duluth, MN (2006 – 2010)
Department of Orthopedics Basic Science Research Committee, Resident Member (1995 – 1997)
American Medical Association, Zumbro Valley Medical Society (1992 – 1997)

Achievements & Awards

Mid-America Orthopaedic Society Annual Meeting Resident Research Award Finalist (1996)
Mayo Clinic Research Grant (1994 – 1995)
Gerald P. Plaisance Scholarship for Academic Excellence (1990 – 1991)
Minnesota Medical Foundation Student Research Scholarship (1990 – 1991)
Mayo Foundation Scholastic Scholarship for Academic Excellence (1984 – 1988)


University of Minnesota-Duluth School of Medicine, Assistant Clinical Professor, Duluth, MN (1998 – 2019)
Clinical Board Member, Upper Midwest Consolidated Services Center (2009 – 2019)

Sports Affiliations

Team Physician, NCAA Division I Men’s Hockey, University of Minnesota-Duluth (2003 – 2019)


Michelle G.
Care Coordinator

Patient Testimonials

September 3, 2020

Amy B.

I fell on the ice on January 20, 2020 and ended up with a massive rotator cuff tear and bicep tear. I went to another provider first and was told my injury was “unfixable.” They told me I would need a total reverse shoulder replacement and that my golfing life is done! These were not words or results I could live with. A friend recommended TCO and I was lucky enough to get paired with Dr. Klassen.

Dr. Klassen took the time to really explain the extent of my injuries and what my options were to fix them. He knew that if he couldn’t repair my rotator cuff, he could rebuild it. I had surgery on June 4th. When I woke up he told me that my tendon, although severely retracted, had been flexible and allowed him to repair the cuff. I had minimal pain right after surgery and am now 12 weeks post-op. My range of motion is really good. I just started strength training and I am back to putting and chipping (off a tee) already! Dr. Klassen is approachable, friendly, funny, and takes the time to explain and answer all questions. He is a wonderful surgeon. I highly recommend him and TCO.

August 8, 2020

Joe G.

Great experience with Dr. Klassen and team. There was no doubt that a total shoulder replacement was in order. After surgery, I feared not being able to participate In life’s activities, but he told me if I stuck to my therapy I’d be back to playing golf in 3 months, and it was three months to the day! Feels great, now back to exercising, light weightlifting, gardening, home improvement with very little pain and great range of motion. Only problem is that I can no longer use an achy shoulder as an excuse for playing poor golf. Dr. Klassen provided a great surgical outcome along with great support and encouragement along the way. TCO is fortunate to have him.

March 3, 2020

Mindy A.

I felt listened to and my individual wellness goals considered in the treatment of my broken clavicle. Dr. Klassen took the time to get to know me before suggesting treatment. I knew immediately after waking up from surgery that we had made the right decision. Now moving to physical therapy with Mike Dixey, I am very happy to be working with TCO to help me heal!

February 13, 2020

Craig J.

Dr. Klassen is a fantastic physician! He is extremely smart, caring, kind and highly skilled. As an added bonus, he also has a great sense of humor. In addition to my own shoulder care, we also entrusted our son’s medical care to Dr. Klassen, due to shoulder and elbow (football and baseball) related injuries. Dr. Klassen is absolutely the best doctor/surgeon that we know. Thank you Dr. Klassen and TCO!

January 10, 2020

Kurt N.

My teenage daughter had a severe traumatic brain injury and significant shoulder injury that required surgery. We were so fortunate that Dr. Klassen was on call that day. His clinical skills were terrific but it was his bedside manner that was beyond fantastic. He came to visit her in her hospital room for several days after the surgery even though I know he did not need to. He showed tremendous care and compassion for our daughter. He was a bright spot in a very difficult time for our family.

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